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A month of using evernote for reflective practices

So a month in to my use of evernote for on the spot personal reflection and it has been a very mixed bag.

At first it seemed to really work and I was logging my records straight after class on my HP touchpad and then polishing up at home. It lead me to focus on my board work and also to identify some particularly quiet groups and start to have a moving active warm up activity in every class. Which has definitely resulted in more talkative and lively groups.

However recently I’ve had some problems.

My touchpad hasn’t been able to edit notes that are online, or else I have to start again! This has stopped me from being able to edit things on the spot and loss some of those realizations that happen straight afterwards. I keep hoping that it will sort it self out but I may have to change system if this persists.

I also have wondered about adding some extra questions to think about for my reflections for a bit more guided discovery rather than just, what was good/bad how was my board work.

Do you have any suggestions of other note making services? What questions do you ask yourself after a lesson?

[Update: The problem seams to have been solved by rebooting the touchpad and clearing the memory on the system. Nice to know, however, this is still an inconvenient solution.]

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