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A quick subversive activity

5 sentences no teacher wants to hear
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This week I had some great experiences with my students, encouraging them to complain about the school, the British weather and, especially, the teacher (me, not the rest of the teaching team by the way!) This activity was heavily inspired by 52: a year of subversive activity for the ELT classroom

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, though it would probably work in a lot more classrooms.

The basic idea. Ask the question

“What are some sentences no teacher wants to hear.”

I had some great answers and it really helps stir up the class of teenagers in my class. My favourites were their backhanded insults such as

“I really like your lessons, we can sleep in them.”

I also wondered if this might give students a chance to raise some things they didn’t like in the class under the guise of it “just being for fun.” (after all “every joke has some truth behind it.”)

Why not try it out (thought be prepared for some home truths!)


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