The ABC of ELT


Who am I?

Don’t worry I am not having an existential crisis,

My name is Chris Wilson and I am a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. I am currently teaching in Krakow, Poland. I used to teach at Badajoz English in the City of Badajoz in Extramadura, Spain. Before that I was a teacher at International House Dnipropetrovsk for two years.

During my time as a teacher I’ve taught all sorts! From Serious Business men, to not so serious housewives, from elderly retirees to new school pupils  From motivated and eager polylingusits to unmotivated teenagers (who barely speak in the first language let alone English!) And I love it!


What is this Blog about?

This is my blog to contain my reflections on teaching, exciting things I learn, good (and BAD) lesson reports, material and generally my journey as a teacher. Above all I want it to encourage you as a teacher and to make you enjoy teaching more. If this happens then it will all have been a success.

Why did I call it ELT squared?

Want some ideas of where to start?

Why not check out these posts and series for an introduction to my site:

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Boring legal stuff


All activities and Material are (to the best of my knowledge) my own unless stated otherwise. They are all free to use under Creative Commons licence: Attribution – Share a like – non commercial However, Please contact me if you wish to repost a blog post. Any word for word reposting without my permission will be taken seriously. (This is due to googles penalties for content copying that will affect both of us). If in doubt then please use the contact form above.

If you believe I have stolen any of your material then please contact me via the means above.

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