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The best (so far) of Jason Renshaw and English Raven.

After a slightly slow start to the first #oldeltpost I’ve had a few submissions from people for Jason Renshaw’s site with some great posts. Check them out and feel free to add some extra ones bellow if you didn’t get round to over the weekend. On another note, I need suggestions for the next blog to trawl through. Any suggestions welcome.

  1. How okay is gay in ELT?
  2. Teaching is.. mobility and Mirth (I think this was the first post of Jason’s that I ever read)
  3. Without reflection we may be planning to stand still
  4. Interactive PDF’s (with embedded Audio)
  5. Teaching is… series

I asked Jason what post was his favourite and he responded

I agree. It really was a great post and one of those moments where you can really see the value of Blogs and online teaching communities. The collective experience of DoSes, straight and gay teachers all added to create a much more comprehensive picture than you could possible get from just one classroom.

Personally, my reasons for choosing Jason’s blog are

If you haven’t already checked his blog out then I highly recommend you change that situation now. If you have then why not leave your own favourite post bellow.

P.S. Please submit your choice for the next blog to receive the same treatment as Jason’s. #oldeltpost

P.P.S. Although they weren’t done via a crowd sourcing method like this post, you may want to check out my review of Sandy Millin and Kevin Stein’s blogs. These included my personal favourite posts that they have published. Feel free to add some more suggestions to both of those posts as well.

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