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Josette (Image from Throwing back tokens)

Thanks to everyone who took part in this months #oldeltpost and dug up treasure on Josette’s blog. I really enjoyed this months one as I have to admit that I hadn’t read that much of Josette’s blog before hand so I got to discover more of Josette’s posts. What’s more, I saw from the twitter comments that Josette had been reminded of some of her old posts as well!


  1. Ticking the Native language box (recomended by myself)
  2. How do we learn (recomended by Mike Griffin)
  3. Is the reflective process a new process for teachers? (also recommended by Mike Griffin)
  4. Process and reflection (recomended by @ESLBarry)
  5. An image of reflective learning (recomended by Sophia Khan)
  6. [Don’t know who Josette is? Why not check out her about page to find out more about her?]
Like with Jason’s Blog I asked Josette what post she liked the most/was proud of and she choose two posts related to reflective practice and blogging (two things which I too love) Finding my voice via reflective pracitce and Grounded in reflective blogging. The best thing about these two posts is the contrast between when Josette was blogging and after she had a break. The impact of her lack of Blogging reminded me why I encourage teachers to blog as part of reflective practice.
I am really grateful to our mysterious nominator as I certainly got a lot out of reading these posts and discovered a lot more about Josette’s blog. It was also really great to see Josette’s response and the fact that she enjoyed the experience was really great for me too. I’ve already had some recommendations for the next #oldeltpost but I would still welcome more. All you need to do is contact me in the comment box, twitter or email with you would like to show some appreciation to and share some of their old blog posts.
Of course, this isn’t over, if you missed last weekend then you can still submit your favourite posts. All you have to do is leave a comment bellow and I’ll add your suggestion to the list.

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