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Round up of the week in ELT 16/11/12

After being inspired by Naomi post on continuous professional development and how some times I need to let the same thought mull over in my mind a bit more (like a fine wine) I’ve decided to start a weekly collection of links from the week. I’ll include my own blog posts as well but mostly this is about things I’ve been reading, listening to, watching etc. I may even throw in a couple of cat pictures if you’re lucky

Best of the Web

Kevin Stein shared about his experience in keeping a live reflective journal. This was an interesting post for me as it is something I haven’t tried before but the next day I had a go at observing my students more closely and not just looking for language “mistakes”. immediately I saw a benefit and I was reminded about why students speak L1 in class (and it’s not just “they’re naughty”

Andrea wade talked about The difference between spoken and written grammar. This was a summary of a conference talk that Andrea attended. It was a nice language awareness post which is sometimes lacking in the blogger sphere. Unfortunately there weren’t many practical activities how this should be incorporated into our teaching but if you have some ideas, then leave them in her comment section.

Laura Phelps wrote a brilliant post about being a teacher and being a human being. Do we have to put aside our personalities, thoughts, opinions, and just accept whatever is thrown our way (don’t upset our students, don’t disagree with them etc) or is it more difficult than that.

Rachel Roberts talked about the value of repeating a task for students fluency. It’s a great post and includes some really good advice on how to keep these repeated tasks interesting.

James Taylor and Chia Suan Song took on the TESOL Greece blog challenge by attempting to answer the question “Can technology save the day during an economic crisis. Both are worth a read and raise interesting question.

My own post

Meanwhile this week I published three posts here and one on another blog about teaching.

First was the Summary of Michael Griffin’s best blog posts (part of the #oldeltpost challenge)

Then there was the second part of my series on Minimalism, “feature creep in ELT”

The last from ELTSquared was a response to Tyson Seburn’s blog challenge of describing my perfect classroom.

Finally over on I posted a guest post by Mary Johnson “5 great reasons to teach abroad.” I hope you enjoyed this week’s summary, please leave a comment if you think I’ve missed anything out there.


The last thing, This is an info graphic I’ve seen before but was shared a bit this week. It’s how students of English learn English.

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About Chris Wilson

I'm an English Language teacher based in Krakow, Poland. I enjoy writing, using technology and playing the Ukulele.

6 Replies

  1. Great idea Chris!
    (I am also happy to see that the 5 reasons… was written by you . I was tempted to read it when it whooshed by me before but now I will be sure to.)

    1. Actually it wasn’t by me! There is an older post on the site that I wrote about deciding to teach English or not.

      1. I tracked it down! I enjoyed them all so it was worth the adventure. 🙂

    2. Oh and I’m glad you like the idea. it might be hard to keep doing as it took a bit of effort but I think i’ll keep it. It was a really nice reminder about what I read this week.

  2. Kevin Stein

    Hi Chris,

    Very much enjoyed this round-up. I’m a big fan of this kind of weekly take on what’s going on in a certain corner of the blogger universe. Some of my favorite sites to visit are round-ups of the economic and political blogerverse. So it’s great to know that you might be doing something similar for ELT. And this first collection is great. Which is a strange thing to say as my post is up there at the top. But I think it’s a great collection in spite of my post being here, not because it’s here. It was a much needed reminder to head over and check out what was happening on James and Chia’s blogs. And the infographic was also very tasty. See you here again next week?


    1. Thanks Kevin,
      These weekly round ups do seem quite popular but I never really thought about doing it until Naomi’s posts and my attempts to remind myself of challenges and ideas I hear.
      I’m certainly planning to keep it (people seem to like it) and I’d love to bring in a “new blog/ger” type thing to let people discover something new as well as remember things they did find.
      It’s quite hard to keep up with everything though!

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